How Does Expensive Technology Improve Healthcare?

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I am a believer that you can get better clinical results less expensively if you really apply technology and science to it. You get to think well all these new technology is very expensive it's the reason healthcare cost is so high, I don't quite buy that I think it's high because of the system, the regulation into a certain extent and a lot of things like that.

But if you apply, let's take a device that in one of my companies called Novaset, we were treating excessive menstrual bleeding and the way that was done is the gynecologist would go in with the history scope and take up the lining of the uterus by running a little roller ball over it.

We developed a device which put in you opened it up, you hit the button in 120 seconds it oblated the uterine lining you closed it up and pulled it out. It's now treated millions and millions of patients and say probably millions of hysterectomies. Now, yes that device cost something but compared to the time it took, all the effort and the outcome it's very effective.

And I think now with the development of the field of biomedical engineering, a cooperation of doctors and engineers, you can build in skill set into a piece of equipment that may be a few physicians could do the artiste surgeons but you bring that same result down to the middle of the bell shape curve and technique because you put in the fail safe system, you put in the efficiency of it and everything, and I think by applying those things we can bring down the cost of healthcare and make it better.