What Is the Biggest Challenge in Healthcare Today?

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I think the cost challenge is probably going to be the dominant challenge for the next 5 or 10 years we know that about 30% of what we spend on healthcare adds no or little value to patients, but that's a huge chunk of change, that's nearly a trillion dollars and there are a lot of people who believe those expenditures are adding something.

Providers believe that sometimes, patients sometimes believe that so trying to figure out a way of extracting that wasteful non value added expenditure out of the system in a way that's politically feasible I think that's the hardest thing we have to do at the same time we have to figure out a way of providing high quality, reliable, safe, satisfying care to patients and if the money was coursing through the veins of the system like it was 10 or 20 years ago that might have been an easier lift but right now we have to figure out how do we make care better, safer and more reliable while we're extracting huge numbers of dollars out of the system.

It's an incredibly difficult thing to do.