What Are Some of the Major Health Care Issues That Keep You Up at Night?

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I think what concerns me the most is the aging of the population, which is a good thing, particularly as I've moved into that age bracket, but I think our complete inability to understand how we're going to effectively take care of boat loads of 80 and 90 and 100 year old patients, and provide them the quality of life that they want and deserve and figure out how we afford to pay for it.

The other piece of that that I worry about deeply is that we have this illusion in America that death is selective, that we can somehow forestall death forever and that if we throw enough technology and expertise at it, we never have to die, and I think that's hurt us because we haven't had the honest conversations we need to have about trying to do the best we can to keep patients healthy and active and vibrant as long as possible, but also understand there comes a time where ensuring that their death is as good as it can be, not only just their pain and their symptoms but spiritually in their relationships with their families and others how we make that happen, and that's been a little bit of a back water field in medicine when we try to talk about that in a head on way it can be characterized as death panels and we all get scared about the third realm of rationing and touching there, those are things that keep me up at night.