Is There a Healthcare Avatar in the Future That Might Take the Place of the Doctor?

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There is a program at Boston university where they developed an avatar, where they developed a program where to try to prevent re-admissions. A nurse would sit down with a patient for 90 minutes, as supposed to the usual 10 minutes that we spent with patient before they leave our hospital.

90 minutes go through all their diseases, their diagnosis, their medications and their follow up plan, and develop a personalized care plan for the patient. And it worked quite well and then they said 90 minutes nursing time is pretty quite expensive. So they developed a computerized avatar, and they programmed in the patient's diagnosis and medications and the avatar whose name was Louis, says this things for the patients.

The patients can press buttons that indicate whether the patient understands the information, if they don't, it goes to a slightly lower level in terms of understanding the patients, what the patient knows and understands. It worked not only as well as the nurse, but when the patients were asked who did you prefer, the nurse or Louis, the majority of the nurses preferred Louis.

[LAUGH] So this is.