How Do You Inspire the Next Generation of Doctors and Health Care Leaders?

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Spent a lot of my time talking to people, speaking, writing about this new way of thinking about medicine and this idea of improving the system being as important and as noble as the individual care that we provide. And I've got to figure out how do I inspire 60 year old doctor who said this is different than what I thought I was signing up for, and all of the system staff which use, when you talk about it sounds kind of cool and romantic to me is just a pain.

It takes me away from what I though I was doing with taking care of individual patient. So, that is harder than inspiring the 26 year old medical student for whom this is completely natural, in the old days doctors were trained to price our autonomy over all levels. That was who he wanted [xx] [xx] be a doctor that what a doctor was.

I've hard a medical student for the last 10 years say to me that's what I want to do. I want to who work as a solo practitioner out in the community. They're perfectly accepting of the ideas, that they're they might an important may be even the most important member of the team but they aren't going to be on team, and they have to work together with teams.

And use tools, use computers, systems are really important. They completely buy that and so the pessimism and the inspiration actually we need to the older people, the younger people I think are [xx] easy sale they understand that the way we organize the health care system, and the way we train doctors and nurses seem right 30 years ago, but doesn't work anymore.

They completely embrace this new model, inspiring them. It's not only easy. I actual find that they inspire me and makes my work work easier when I meet with them. It is a generational shift, and I will say to them sometimes, folks, your life is going to be different professionally than mine was because we as a system have decided we have to figure out a way of delivering the highest quality, safest, most reliable, most satisfying care at the lowest cost.

And they look at me like I'm completely crazy, and they say, what were you people trying to do? Duh, of course that's what we're trying to do. It's perfectly natural to them, and the idea that they're technology tools. We have to work as teams to create that kind of outcome that's perfectly natural then they completely accept it.