Why Was the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance Formed?

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Since 2000, my partner and I started working [xx] healthcare services. And starting 2000, we saw the direction of digital cellular communications, and recognized that a lot of the the inefficiencies and quality control issues and healthcare services just with people delivering services, was based on the inability to get the information you need or the communication you needed in real time or any kind of efficient way.

And calling a message to the doctor, some of the nurse writes it down, hope they remember to get it lab tests all that. With digital serums that we can get some simple solutions to start addressing some of those people to people problems in health care and people to information, to the lab database.

It started that way, by 2205, we had enough activity we decided it was time to start bringing together senior executives from healthcare technology. So Qualcomm was our technology sponsor, Johnson & Johnson was our healthcare sponsor. We sent out an invitation to 120 executives and companies across the two spectrums, two sectors.

A lot of them came, didn't understand why Qualcomm and Johnson & Johnson might think they had something in common. The world's changed since then.