Should We Worry About the Privacy of Data with Biomedical Sensors?

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It's a much bigger issue I think here in the US than in the UK, where we have socialized medicine. So we have these questions, never less the UK people are concerned about what happens to their data. But what I tell them, I ask a lot of people, well I ask the people if it's in a conference, how many of them do Internet banking.

Most people do Internet banking. Well, we'll provide you the same level of security and one level above because we have three factor authentication for the use and retrieval of these data. So, there's the hardcore 5 or 10% of people, who will see as a conspiracy by the government to acquire more data by them, and we allow the to optide.

But the great majority are happy with that level of protection and the other thing that we do is we also tell the use of this technology that people generate, the data by thier physiology, who will get to see the data.