Why Is the Care of the Aging LGBT Population an Issue?

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It's an issue because we're seeing a rapidly growing demographic of older people, it's the aging of the baby bloom generation, and also the first generation of lesbian gay bisexual transgender people, who have aged as out openly LGBT people. It's estimated that there are about 3 million LGBT people aged 15 and older and with the aging of the baby boom generation that population will double to more than 6 million in the next two decades.

We are also seeing that LGBT older people are experiencing various forms of discrimination both under the law and also in aging among some care settings. Some research are showing that many are encountering providers, both health care providers and ageing providers who don't have the information on what it means to support LGBT older people or may not be sensitive to their needs.

So many report incidences of bias, of stigma, of discrimination and so as the population grows, and as more and more ageing providers around the country encountered this population, it's essential that we figure out how to work with ageing providers and healthcare providers to make sure they know what it means to support this group.