What Is the Mission of SAGE?

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Our purposes is to improve the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender older people, we do it through coordinating direct services in New York City and 226 cities around the country, we run a federal policy program that's meant to improve the policy conditions of LGBT older people and we do it through training, through a national resource center on LGBT aging that trains nursing home professionals and other aging staff and what it means to support LGBT all the people.

We make sure that LGBT older people have the resources to make informed choices about their health, about their care giving, about their retirement planning, we make sure that they have the information to advocate on their own behalf. If they live in a nursing home where they're experiencing some form of discrimination or some form of elderly views, we make sure that they have the information on what rights exists in their stay in an at the federal level.

We make sure that we train aging providers on what it means to support LGBT older people in their settings, whether it's in a nursing home, in a sense of living facility in home care extra. The more we can navigate into those systems where LGPT older people are residing, are living or accessing services, the less likely they are to experience any kind of discrimination.

And then we strengthen the law, we make sure that federal protection also local protections,. protect them as LGBT people in all aspects of their lives. But also that we strengthen the aging system that we make sure that the programs that they tend to rely on remain strong and remain accessible to LGBT people.