What Do Aging Care Providers of LGBT People Need to Know?

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[BLANK_AUDIO] I think aging providers need to know that LGBT older people have faced a lifetime some discriminations as hard, material costs in terms of, the kind of finances in retirement support they have in later life, but it all spells psychological cause. And so many LGBT older people are aging with mental health issues and with physical health issues, and this means that, if you if you are an aging provider or health care provider who encounters an LGBT older person you should be aware of what that has meant in order that are you more like to encounter a patient or a client who is dealing with some form of health concern.

On the other hand, I think that discrimination hasn't ended and so many people still live in States where marriage equality is unpleasant and it prevents the kind of benefit that can help some older people in claiming protections are not available most parts of the country which means that you can still be fired as an older person from your job.

And it means that the discrimination is still probably pervasive in just media and another aspect of their life. So to be able to navigate both what I have survived and what I still deal with is probably the core concern of most LGBT older people face.