With the Technology Advances in Healthcare, Have We Lost Our Sense of Touch?

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I've think we've lost high touch in all a lot of aspects of our lives not just in the healthcare industry. My own kids text each other in the same house, so that's not a unique story, so I think we need to figure how important that is to certainly and I think that's important to healthcare on how we deliver healthcare, but I think the other aspect of this is the technologies we've already talked about and really ultimately empowers the patient.

So we can still use technology to empower the patient, educate the patient, help them take better care of themselves, help the provider make better decisions by connecting the information using technology, but ultimately we still have to have relationship for their patients I think that it's still going to require that touch at certain level we can't deliver care or teach care properly or professionalism if that's important to us by using technology alone, now we have to have a blended approach and it challenges how do you balance those, how do you achieve the great benefits of technology which is expanding access to information and training to many more health care workers and how do you integrate that with the goal of also maintaining that new as well.