What Is the Current State of Global Health?

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I think in general we're moving in the right direction. A lot of the indicators around global health importantly, things like maternal mortality rates are coming down, infant mortality rates are coming down, the challenge is not happening universally as quickly in every place that we'd like to see it happen.

But we have some new opportunities to do that, we still have some new challenges coming up I think ironically enough in the developing world issues around chronic diseases are becoming more and more important, and need to be addressed certainly over the next 20 or 30 years we're going to have a big challenge there.

But I think that one of the issues we're interested in is building the capacity of healthcare providers in these communities to deliver the care that are needed by those communities. We've put a lot of investments with the donor communities around the world and groups like the Gate's Foundation put a lot of money into providing access to things like HIV drugs, vaccines and the effectiveness of the those programs really relies ultimately on people in the community, to deliver those services.

And so I think that's the challenge is it's just not enough well trained people, providers, nurses, doctors, healthcare workers at all levels, community health workers what we call front line health workers to deliver those services, and really reach all the communities with these services and also to add new opportunities to address health issues like chronic diseases.

So, I think what we really need to do is figure out a way to empower, train and support more community health workers and health providers at all levels in these places.