What Have You Learned from Global Health Initiatives That Could Apply to U.S. Healthcare?

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I've been involved in an M-Health project for a number of years now, we developed our own M-Helath platform called Emoka which we developed initially in rural Uganda. It's now been used in 11 countries one of those is the United States, so we took an approach for optimizing care in rural Recai/g Uganda and a strategy for how to do that and now we're using it in Baltimore to we're helping a program that's designed to reduce the risk of domestic violence in pregnant women in Baltimore using the same platform, using the same strategy we developed in Uganda, we're working on another project that's helping to optimize it's designed to optimize the way ARV drug users with HIV take care of themselves, reduce their risk, access care, take their medicines, so I really love the idea it really reminds us that when you doing global health it really is global that you can take lessons learned from all over the place and bring them to bring them home so I think I've never needed to be convinced about that because I've been doing this global health work for 30 years.

So I've always learned a lot more than I feel I've taken them with me. So, I think we still have a lot to learn and I think the strategies and opportunities particularly in technology are great. We can in situations where there's not a lot of legacy technology where there's not a lot of systems to be dealt with, we can be a little bit more experimental and try things out.

Where the system are in place and is entrenched as they are in the west. We can try out new approaches, test those concepts, show they have value and then bring those lessons learned back.