What Does the Future of Healthcare Look Like?

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I think what excites me the most probably is the opportunity for bringing more transparency and more accurate estimates of what we're doing. So in making tough decisions about healthcare, it's important to have the right information, technology is giving us information, it's giving us more reliable information in real time.

So the ability to use technology is to respond to crisis quickly and in more effectively whether it'd be a new outbreak in the community or whether it'd be a crisis a patient may have at home with a cardiac problem. I think that what I'm excited about is the ability to intervene more quickly and more efficiently and earlier in the process, it's not completely preventative approach, but we're pushing that definition a little bit as we push the point of care down, as best we can to push the point of care out to the community.

I think I'm excited about what the power of that information in helping us make better decisions. Not only as a government or as a community or as a health care system but as individuals. We're seeing that happen already in individuals who track how far they walk everyday and we're using technology, people grabbing onto that kind of technology.

That I think if we find ways to leverage that perspective even more, it's going to be really great.