What Does mHealth Mean?

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M-Health is a mobile, refers to mobile health. It's one of the technical tools in the toolbox, when you think about ICT I run a center at Hopkins that is focused on this mission of delivering training to healthcare providers, and resource limited settings, and we made a decision 8 years ago that we had to leverage technology to do that, but we have to use all the tools in the toolbox, and M-Health is one of those tools.

There's also online learning, there's all sorts of social media and other technical tools that can be leveraged but M-Health is certainly an important one because as we've seen in our own society in the United States, mobile technologies are pushing, training and information to the point of care, that point of care is changing.

When I was trained as a physician, it was all about what happens in the hospital or in the clinic, now it's about what happens at home. How do we connect our patients and providers with each other? How do we optimize their care in the community at home, and that's certainly true in Africa.

Where most of the care is delivered in the community, and people only come to facilities because there are a few of them and they're far away and expensive to reach. When they get really, really sick, it makes a lot more sense to push the point of care to the communities and that's certainly a powerful opportunity that mobile health, tools like smartphones, and tablets, and other tools provide us an opportunity to achieve.