Is Social Media Really a Good Place for Patients to Get Health Information?

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I think social media provides an opportunity to do that better than a Google search. So my patients are providers who want to learn something, can go on the internet and search for that information, and you really can't always assume what you're getting is optimised, but if you put that information or that training or content into a social network, you can get feedback from other learners.

Is it good, it's not good, is it right is it wrong and so you begin to, if you have the right social network, you begin to define the valuable types of content training whether that be for patients or providers. I think for the challenge sort of on a different levels that when we're talking about degree programs if we're training the medical students in Africa or Asia nursing students who are getting degree programs.

Figuring out how to find the competencies that they need to learn to accredit that training and how to use social media to do that, it's going to be a bit of a challenge, and that's why I think we need a situation where the learners, the accreditors and the educators come together perhaps to social media to come up with strategies to make sure that what people are taught, what they're learning is what they need to learn and be taught.