How Is Technology Making a Difference in Healthcare?

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You just look at what's happened, for instance in Africa in the last few years. The access to information, the access to bandwidth wireless technology is completely transform societies. It's changing, government is changing, social norms, it's having a really transformative effect and lots of wages making new economist be born out of communities that did't have much.

So I think the challenge we have is that train on technology is leaving the station. I sort of think of it as when you think about the access to information, mobile technologies, the internet. As healthcare providers as people interested in health outcomes, we have to decide whether or not we want to be on the train or not and the train is leaving the station.

It's almost, it's a cliche but it's redefined our aim. Our job now is to figure out how do we lavage those new investments, those new innovations and technology to achieve better health outcomes and I think we are here to talk about some strategic ways to do that.