Heart Disease In the United States

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We're actually seeing less heart attacks now and the heart attack rates seems to have gone down which is a good thing, as if there are some concerns that it will start going up particularly because of the obesity we're seeing now in children. We've had big trends medicine and in culture towards early detection and I think we really need to look carefully at that, because a lot of times with this early detection we've taken healthy people and labelled them with a pre-hypertension, or pre-diabetes, and it's not really a disease, there's no benefits knowing about this.

I try to think about it in terms of which respects are modifiable things that we can change, and which ones are not modifiable. So certainly and no they're not modifiable. It's family history and so somebody whose father or mother died at a young age, and so it's not just having heart disease because everyone or a lot of people have relatives certainly with heart disease, but it's having gotten heart disease before age 55 for women of before age 45 for men would be a risk factor.

But again that of course not when you can change and then age is biggest respect for heart disease, the older we get the more likely we are to get heart disease. There are lots of differences between women and men that we don't still understand, and there are certainly areas of ongoing research, but as you know women live longer than men a few years longer.

Women tend to get heart diseases later. The rate of heart attacks in women is lower than it is in men until about age 65 or 70 and then women catch up and actually it becomes a little with higher than men. The data does not support using drugs to lower your cholesterol, as I said it, it doesn't help you feel better, it doesn't help you live longer.

We're really gotten, I think to focus on treating a number and not treating the person and their overall health. I advice everybody, and really everybody to try to get 30 minutes of physical activity a day and people think that that is an unreachable goal. Some is still better than nothing, again it has to be something that you enjoy doing.