Why Is There Resistance to Technology in Health?

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I think in any industry when you are talking about bringing in new technology, you're talking about digitizing, you're talking about optimizing the current environment, people who have been performing that function for in this case hundreds of years are going to resist that type of change automatically.

That's the one I like to use as comparison as the fighter pilot industry if there is such a thing, I mean think about what fighter pilots were thinking about 20 years ago when someone was telling them you know what, eventually we are not going to need a lot of pilots, we're going to be able to fly these things remotely, I'm sure they said back then there's absolutely no way.

This is a very expensive machine and the things we are doing, the risks that we are putting ourselves and other people up, we're shooting and bombing things, you're never going to do tat with a machine guess what? They still exist we need fighter pilots but they don't exist in those planes anymore.

They're sitting in a knox somewhere controlling it remotely, so the job's changed dramatically. We still need them to to be part of the solution but it's a very different part of the solution, and now also, there again they've gained leverage no they don't, they need fewer pilots to do more and again with doctors with the looming shortage, we are going to need doctors to be able to do more.

We are not going to get them to do more by having them work harder. They work very hard already.