What Healthcare Technology Developments Excite You?

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What really excites me about healthcare embracing technology and some of the solutions that we see coming as a result of that is a good example would be something like a live core. A live core is the smart phone ECG it's a smart phone case that has two sensors on it that you put your fingers on and it reads your ECG.

They're developing a device that today, by the way it's FDA approved but today is being sold for $200 and eventually they hope to get it under $100. That is an ECG this solution that can be used, for a lot of really important health decisions, compared to, what would require, an hour or two's worth of time, on a device that costs tens of thousands of dollars, and so the ability to, take some of these very very expensive technologies, reduce the size, reduce the cost, reduce the time you have to invest both the doctor and the patient to use the them, and provide much greater access to the world to these tools that just aren't available to the average person.