Does Technology Do Away with Doctors?

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I don't think that what we want to do is really create a world where a patient is the one who's getting all of that data real-time and panicking or reacting to that data. I think you do, I'm a firm believer that doctors are going to be here for a long long time. We're not, I don't think that digital health does away with doctors.

I think what it does, it makes them smarter and enables them to get leverage. You know we've got a coming shortage of doctors and nurses. You hear about the aging population, you hear about the number of people with at least one chronic disease, you hear the story about 10, 000 people in the US turning 65 every day.

A lot of those people who're turning 65, they're retiring they get the chronic disease themselves so not only, and they might be caregivers so not only you're losing a caregiver you're gaining another patient if you will. So we need get leverage and I think the digital technology can do that as well.