Digital Health Information and Privacy

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So I have maybe a different view than the average person from a privacy stand point. I think that the privacy and people's perception of what's important to remain private is changing rapidly. I think that the regulators and legislators have a very very different point of view of privacy today than the average person at least the average younger person, and I think that while privacy is critically important, I think that just from a regulatory and a legal standpoint, in our business of course we take that very, very seriously and maintain all the data that we capture highly secure but I think that more and more people are seeing the value of shared information.

The more you are willing to share, the more data that comes together. Health information that particularly, the more you can do really good analysis on the data. They are talking about now, and they have been doing for sometime clinical trials without patients. It's clinical trials on data, data that exists today that's paper based for the most part, but as we get that more and more digitized, you can start to look at trends, and I think you can make conclusions, good conclusions based on the data alone.