Is Your Restaurant Organic?

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I can't say that my restaurant is 100% organic, sustainability is the theme of RM seafood. I don't buy for mass production, I always buy something I always buy products that taste like what they're supposed to taste like, a carrot tastes like a carrot, a piece of fennel explodes with fennel flavor.

So, you need to really seek that out and source that out, and most times it's coming from organic farms. So, I think organic is important when it comes to preservation of what food is supposed to taste like. I find myself getting very angry at food products that are commonly available in most supermarkets, like a strawberry or a raspberry, berries in particular I taste them they don't taste like berries anymore to me.

They've just been engineered to have no flavor and we accept that, and the more that we accept it the more it's going to continue.