As a Chef, How Do You Eat a Healthy Diet?

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A healthy diet is extremely important to me. I think what we need to do is understand the functionality of our bodies. We program our metabolism and it's all about metabolism, feeding yourself several times during the day, smaller meals is probably the healthiest way to eat. Eating a small breakfast, eating a little snack in between, a lunch that's well balanced and then maybe another snack then a dinner that's not too late in the evening.

Then you have your metabolism which burns off the fat and you stay healthy as long as you have, and you don't have exercise like a maniac. And if you can create that balance in your life, you can go out and you can splurge you can go out and have a great time, but you can't do it every single day because then you've reprogrammed your body to that's the way we're going to be, and your body goes, okay if that's the way it's going to keep on getting larger and larger and less and less healthy.

So it's about paying attention to yourself, your new metabolism. It's not easy but it's about stocking your refrigerator with healthy things and I have fix Sundays off, and it's my day to cook at home. So I love it and I invite my family over, my friends over and we eat, but I always prepare more than I need so that I have it throughout the week, so that whenever I have an urge to go to eat something, there's something healthy in my refrigerator.