What's Wrong with Healthcare?

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If you actually ask me to identify the one critical factor, it's one critical factor nobody wants to talk about. Everybody points the finger and the patient does, they point a finger at the federal government, they point a finger at their provider, they point a finger at their insurance company.

It's fascinating they never point a finger at themselves, and one of the other things that we learn, that we need to do going to Mars is we need to make the astronaut patient really the primary care provider, there is nobody else out there. They have to really take care of themselves.

We need to cause that behavioral change in you and I on this planet because if we continue not to exercise, if we continue to over eat, if we continue to smoke, it doesn't matter how we change the insurance premiums, how we modify the politics behind this, how we train our physicians, nothing is going to happen the patient has got to take the responsibility for their healthcare.