How Does a Leading Surgeon Inspire the Next Generation?

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We inspire the next generation by getting them interested in research, and it could be any area of research, whether it be molecular biology, simulation of training for education, robotics, and engineering, fulltonics, or plasma medicine. As I train my students to do surgery, but the same time I also tell them about the research opportunities, their eyes just light up.

They get excited, they get it. They are the information age, and they're going beyond that. They do things much differently than I ever did, and the interesting thing is I learn more from my students frequently than I do from my colleagues, and the reason being is they're exploring things, my favorite is the iPhone.

I bought an iPhone, and it came in this little box, and I never bought any piece of equipment, ever it didn't come in a big box with a big manual, and I opened it up, and the manual was one page, and all it had were lines that said this icon means this, and this icon means that, because it was intuitive.

But what that also did is that the students that get the, gave them an opportunity to explore. They weren't told you have to do this in order to accomplish something, they had to learn and explore how to do it, and I see that this area of research, that was basically kind of research on their own, and they've invented and discovered new ways to use iPhones that the researchers never intended it to be used.