What Is Telemedicine?

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The official definition is the provision of healthcare from a distance. My impression of telemedicine is a way to both physically through vision, and emotionally through expression be able to link two people together to improve their health. Telemedicine is one of the technologies that allow us to dissolve time and space and bring people together that normally physically couldn't, and bring them together in real time.

As opposed to through letters and newspapers or getting on the train and so forth. We use it for improving the process of healthcare through administration we use it for education and training. We have had web-based as well as specific teleconferences during meetings, or individual small meetings.

That allow two people or a small group of people to share information. It's also a way to provide care at a distance. People who don't have access to healthcare we are now through places like prisons or Indian reservations, remote rural villages, and so forth we can link them together.

Bringing to them the expertise that may not be available locally. They may only have a nurse available, so they can get a physician. They may have a family practitioner, they can get a specialist. So, the ability to bring the knowledge of medical education, and improvement an individual's health.

The urban area is a near distance if you will, people haven't got the opportunity to go the other side of town to get what they need, they can do it through telemedicine. We can do it from one part of the nation to the other, we can do it from one part of our country to foreign counties, and then we go to extreme environments.

Whether it be on mountain tops like we did with Mt. Everest, whether it be out in space, as we do to space stations overlooking bases. It's just a matter of distance, and distance is a function of time, time delay.