Is There an Increase in Healthcare Resources in Rural Areas of Africa Due to This Mobile Revolution?

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Now you'll note as yet, what you're seeing is a better grid for allowing the emergence of technologies that can drive, uplift in health management and health implementation than there has been for many years. Look, it's still Africa, things don't Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was Africa, but the point is, what this is doing and what this new technology is doing and certainly what, wireless technology and mobile phone technology is doing, is it's allowing for example, some interesting new ways in which health can be improved.

I'll give you an example. As a young fellow from other Kenya, no he is Indian, I beg your pardon, he's an Indian, who came up with a way that you can test urine, by taking a photograph, of the little paper stick that you deep into the urine and the smart phone, low cost MD will identify on that little piece of paper exactly what the urinalysis is, unusual, and this kind of thing is going to be a game changer in Africa.

I mentioned to you about Brad Simons and the counterfeit medicine and the way that it agrees that company is able to determine that. Certainly in the area of pre and post natal care there's a, wonderful organization in Africa called MAMA, and MAMA is an acronym for a company that's funded by, I think it's the UN, but certainly USAID, which provides on mobile information about baby care, pre and post natal, more like other stuff.

So I think that we really are in the early stage of this, what we're seeing is, some of the fundamental tent poles of this area, being drilled into the ground. You're also seeing a massive growth in the power and the impact of telecoms, interesting enough, the biggest telecom in Africa, is the South African Company, with it's cooperate headquarters in Dubai, for tech reasons, called MTN, interesting history in itself which now is not the time to go through that, but, very interesting providence there, a big Indian company, called Airtel, the biggest operator in India, now has a very big operation in Nairobi, that's second biggest telecom in Africa.

You've got all of the major operators trying to find a slice or a piece of Africa. MTN in 23 counties, Airtel in 70 countries, and even somebody as distinguished and esteemed as the well known Mo Ibrahim, if you don't know Mo Ibrahim, he's a very important African. He was the fellow who started a mobile phone company in North Africa, Egypt and Sudan, he sold it for big bucks, and he's the guy that put forth the annual price, that goes out to the best head of states.

It was practiced based governance. Last year it did an issue, it got I think a couple of million dollars as a price, anyway, he was someone that made pile out of selling a mobile company. He's someone who also funds various things in the mobile space, so it's a very vigorous area, we're in early stage of its pick up all but all of these developmental elements, are all contributing factors to what is going to be an increasingly accelerating pathway, for health and wellness and applications, products.

The other thing too of course is the enormous pick up, the velocity of pick up, of touch screen smart phones because bear in mind, about 70% of the African mobile population, of 800 million people, maybe a little bit more, use what are called feature phones, very basic phones, it don't have internet, it's basic, it's just text messaging and audio, but that's changing fast.

So, there's an interesting story a young man he was, born in Uganda Asian family, kicked out of Uganda when he was six, family moves to England with 70,000 other Ugandan Asians, goes to school university, joins Motorola in Kenya, goes back to Africa and decides what he is going to do is, he is going to bring the lowest cost, touchscreen smartphones to Africa.

He starts a company called my phone, MI-Phone, that's today is one of the Cinderella brands in East and West Africa, this young fellow is determined that he is going to make, the low cost touch screen smartphone, reachable into the hand of every single young African. With a very young kind of thesis, and heals that wants to have some kind of health and wellness component woven into the very essence of the device.