Have We Reached a Saturation Point with Mobile in Africa?

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The ramping up of mobile in Africa is really in its very early stages. You don't have 100% penetration of mobile in every single country, you do have a situation where you're seeing in certain countries more than 100% penetration. The UAE is always traditionally being an area in the world where you get a very high degree of penetration because most people have two phones in the UAE, one for social, one public, one private, but there's enormous potential, there's consistence growth.

There is consistence growth in news spheres of mobile and because of mobile commerce, mobile payments, it's so interesting, Kenya and Africa are leading the world in mobile money and mobile commerce. So much so that a little company from Stellenbosch in South Africa called Fundamo got bought for $110 million by Visa International in San Francisco and is being used essentially as the platform to drive mobile money and mobile commerce for Visa in Latin America.

So, when I said, is the future so bright you've got to wear shades, in a sense it is. And in a sense is another key pointer to the future of all of this has come in the recent Kenyan electron of Uhuru Kenyatta, because it was really the young constituency who believed in transformation.

And funny enough the young fellow who is the one of the early graduates of African Leadership Academy, that really changed the basis of the election results in Kenya to bring in a new thinking and everything now in Kenya including as high up as the ICT board and the government and a fantastic group of people in Nairobi who calls themselves the hub who developed Ushahidi.

This incredible platform that recognized violence in the Kenyan elections four years ago, and was also the same platform that the young Egyptian revolutionism tahrir square, used when everything broke down and they needed some kind of coagulant political glue.