Are There Specific Regions in Africa that Are in Better Shape Because of Mobile?

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There is and there are one generic that look to top 10 noble markets obviously South Africa, obviously Kenya, Nigeria there are some [xx] certainly those countries that have been ravaged by war or grave political uncertainty, violent political doctrines and dogmas, the Sudans for example, although South Sudan has recently separated from Sudan per say starting to make some progress but there are many recent troubles in the franco fons state within the Ivory Coast now in Mali holds those countries back.

So in general it will be the top 10 mobile markets in mobile countries that are intending to leave the field but on the broad continental basis if one says well what's happening in Africa well there are many Africans of course as I'm sure you know. 54 countries, no one is alike and all the different languages and dialogue, there are hundreds of African languages, English is not necessarily the only Lingua Franca.

What is good to see those of the African Union which is now run by the former foreign minister of South Africa Jacob Zuma's ex wife one of them he's got many, he's had many, she's now the head of African Union and African Union has seen an instinct development in that the World Bank has published consistent reports showing wherever there is swift implementation of mobile technology, mobile networks, mobile usage by consumers, you see a growth in GDP, so yes it was driven initially by the private sector, but you are now seeing a lot of different elements in the wider public sphere and domain, like the World Bank, like the UN, like the African Union, the OAU, various economic trading blocks like SADEC, the South African Development Economic Council or Confederation whatever it's called, and similarly the East African Economic Federation.

So, is the future so bright that one has to wear sun glasses? My answer would be, yes it is.