How Can Preventative Medicine Become More Mainstream?

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I can imagine that what we call conventional medicine today, you know high tech medicine is going to become more and more of a specialty, that will be the specialty of [xx] medicine that deals with critical care and it will be restricted to large hospitals that serve major urban areas, because it will be too expensive to practice elsewhere.

And I think a lot of smaller and community hospitals, if there are kind of being there, where they will transform into other kinds of institutions, I'd like to see new kinds of institutions coming to being I like to think that it is a healing center, that you go there if you are well for preventable lifestyle counselling, or you go there for the treatment of common illnesses, and the ordinary stuff, allergies, headaches, back pain, and where integrated treatment would be practiced and I also see these as kind of hybrids of spas and clinics that you can go to these places, you stay for five days a week.

When you come out you know more than you went in about how to live, that healthy behavior is modeled for you, maybe you don't have a cook. [xx] your food, have exercise, how to reduce stress and as we stays in this place is being paid for by insurance and [xx].