Should Companies Take Advantage of Gyms and Other Health-Based Incentives?

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We know that healthy employees are more productive, cost less, lots of studies that show that. We know that happy employees are more productive, and work more, cost less, and we know that employees who value their company. Cost less, get sick less, miss less work, are more productive.

And so we going to put the pieces together and we got to get companies to say, that makes sense and you can look in the past ten years especially. There's been some science around two things that lost productivity and presentism meaning I'm at work but I'm not functioning fully.

I feel sick or my kids are sick and so I'm not as productive as I normally would be. And if you look at the value or the cost impact for a company like that it outweighs the actual drug medical costs. And that's been shown in multiple studies so I think it really is a strategic financial benefit the companies to pay attention to them.