Is Technology a Trend or Is It Part of the Future of Medicine?

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It's certainly part of the future of health, but I think it's also part of the future in medicine. In part of people being engaged in their own care is understanding themselves. So go back 2, 500 years to the Greeks and know thyself, people do really want to know about themselves, and so a lot of the technology that we have now allows people to understand themselves better.

The heart rate monitor, and I can watch what my heart rate does during the day, the actograph, the motion sensors. So one of the things that we're doing is developing an intensive wellness program where we'll bring people in for three days and try to create and individualised [xx] program for them and then help them carry it out over the next year.

But one of the things we're doing there is to put a motion sensor on them and find out during the day how much they do over the whole day, but also where are their peak times during the day, and do they go out and run for half an hour? And then come and sit in front of the computer for eight hours.

That may not be the best thing for them. So we can start to look at those patterns and help them understand their own personal patterns. And how they impact their health.