Is Mobile Health the Future of Health and Wellness for This Nation?

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I look at it as a tool same as my stethoscope or the same as the old family health book, The Big Tom. Mobile health should allow us to get the right tools or resources and the right answer at the right time, and so as the technology has allowed us to be more mobile and be more independent of sources of information, as we've more data in the cloud that we can access like my medical record, then it becomes easier for me to stay mobile, but take all the data and keep it together.

We've been working in the area telemedicine and it's a fascinating area because as we see the technology gets smaller and smaller, I can now plug tools into my iPhone that allow me to send information to my doctor, and to upload heart rate information and we have people, we're developing these little sensors or monitors that are the size of a band-aid that you can stick on yourself and wear for a month to monitor your heart rate.

Well, that's pretty amazing we're centralizing that data I hope in a standardized form into this cloud of data but we can access it from anywhere.