How Do You Feel About the Engaged Patient Vs the Non-Engaged Patient?

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I know that my patients who do the best health wise, actually life in general, are the ones that are engaged and who want to know not just what prescription I gave them, but all about themselves. They want to see all of their lab tests, or they want to talk to me about what effect not getting enough sleep at night has on them.

And thatonly happens when they have the time and the space and the permission which is a big fault of ours in that hurried medical world just to ask something and to say something. Yes I like the patients who're engaged and just as an example, in the past week, mail has a portal [UNKNOWN] portal so you can see all of your information.

If you, by slowly, tapping into it, and as you know a lot of people walk around with an iPad in their hand, in part because they're waiting for the doctor in the medical setting, and I always give my patients a copy of my last note, any copy of the last consultative notes that we have and a copy of their labs, and we go through it all and we develop a plan for them.

So, as I was handing a paper copy of the person's clinical note to them they said, oh, I've already read that and they had their their iPad open, so they'd been in the patient portal. As soon as minor/g was transcribed they were looking at it, as soon as their lab results were coming back, they were looking at them, that's an engaged patient.