Do You Think a Holistic Approach to Healthcare Can Be Adopted Across the Country?

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People think it's unique to places like MIYO. I think we do it sort of by habit because it's enculturated, it's part of a culture, but it's part of human nature and I think if we redirect the energy that possession so again if I can take a primary care physician and say hey you know what? The goal I'm going to take the pressure of you to see 30 patients in a day or more that seems you, but I really want you to do is get to know your patient, you only instead of being responsible or 2000 of them, you are going to be responsible for 1000 of them or 500 of them but get to know and know what their medical needs are and focus on keeping them healthy.

I think the physicians had respond a lot, and I think most physician especially in primary care go into primary care because they like working with people, so I think we I think we need to move the orientation of the system away from the current disease focus, from the current visit focus, from the current test related revenue focus to the big picture of care focus and make it financially viable for primary care physicians to do that and to make it, to incentivise both patient and the physician to do that.