What Makes People Happy in Other Countries?

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Happiness isn't really co-related to the amount of possessions you have because the more possessions you have, the harder you have to work, the more times you're spending away from your family to maintain those possessions and really you need to stamp down and keep it simple.

That's what, the most of the happiest people were some of the simplest most but look around we've got. Except it's really easy to say that if you have everything you need and that's always been my point. Is the whole idea of making decisions about what's important, if you don't a lot, a lot of times it is your actual family unit, that's what is important and suddenly everyone cherishes their children, but in so many places across the planet your children are your future because that's how you're going to basically be able to live to whatever age you're going to live to because they're going to be there to sort of take of you, they are your social safety now..