What Do you Tell Young Photographers?

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The focus now through all of our books is looking at typical people. We don't talk to celebrities for the most part, we just want to talk to real people who are sort of living a real life as opposed to celluloid one. Actors certainly they have their own private lives but that is not the part you really see, you see the celebrity in them and the star.

I'm sure Ben Affleck has a wonderful life of the mind, and his own. He's a writer and does all these wonderful things so we have nothing against celebrities, but we prefer to cover average people. I think that was really the beauty of material- And it was a really challenge to see if you could make average interesting because the challenge of women material world too is where women photographers and interviewers went back and talked to just these average women and listened to them, and made pictures of their daily life which is so beautiful, it was a really beautiful book.