What Do You Remember the Most About Your World Travels?

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I loved sitting with the humble women Viendera Musatua in Nambia. She lives right just south of the Angola border in this tiny little village. She was actually visiting her father's village and so that was my first taste of that particular kind of fermented milk and porridge that I'd had with her.

I've had fermented milk before but I hadn't ever sort of sat there watched the entire process and then had it sort of very sour and watched it come from the cow and stayed with her through the whole process. I think just sitting there companionably she had one of the three, she is 23 years old and has three children and naked, completely naked except for a leather skirt that she had made and covered herself with what is it called? Have you heard of ochre may be? It's ochre yeah, the stone mutter of fact and it was interesting sitting inside so close it was actually kind of chilly out that morning but sitting in that, in that small house of her's.

It's mud and dung, it smelled very sweet in there, and it was sort of strange, I sort of expected a sweatier and more earthy smell, but it actually had very sweet scent. And I think some of it was they were burning some kind of a straw or some kind of an aromatic wood that might have helped but it was kind of, just smelling that was sort of part of sort of the beauty of the moment.