What Would an Exoskeleton Mean for Someone Who Is Paralyzed?

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I am the extremely active guy I still I'm. I grew up playing all sorts of athletics, in the sense of professional athlete, and I miss just about everything there is about being able to put my pants on one leg at a time standing up instead of having to do it sitting down and picking my legs.

There's thousand things, peeing standing up is one thing that us gentlemen take for granted on a daily basis that I don't get to do anymore. I think that the technology could be a replacement for a wheelchair. It can be a daily use type of scenario where I wake up in the morning, toss on the exoskeleton, make myself some coffee, grab glass of orange juice.

Maybe it's waterproof I can shower. I definitely think that, that is the direction that we're heading, the way it is going to be. Will it ever replace it? Maybe not. As far as a wheelchair goes but is at something that I see that will be able to use wlk to the grocery store, take a walk with your girlfriend or whatever definitely.

I definitely see that.