What Is Personalized Medicine in Cancer Treatment?

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You have? I'm really excited about the concept of personalize medicine because it's the realization that every tumor is not the same as every other tumor, and that there're some tumors there that'll be slow growing, some tumors that'll be fast growing. Some tumors they won't grow at all.

And actually need to be watched. We'll be able to gaze the aggressiveness of our treatment by analysis of the specific tumor. By looking not just at genetics but looking are what we call genomics. It's gene number one expressed or over expressed, gene number two expressed or over expressed.

Look at 2030 diferent genes and we'll actually someday be able to say that, women who had a breast cancer with this genomic pattern did very well with minimal treatment perhaps no treatment. Women who had this other genomic pattern, their breasts cancer seemed to be very aggressive, therefore they need to be aggressively treated and then we're also going to have drugs that look at the various genomic patterns, and drugs that're specific for a specific.