Technology in Healthcare—Applying What We Know

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There is huge overuse of technology for medicine in the I escaped. Sometimes we use technologies that we think might work, and we don't use technologies that we know work. For example, 85% if men over the age of 50 in the United States have had prostate cancer screening with the serum PSA.

It is a task that we don't know if it saves lives. After more than 22 years of screening, we finally have a study that actually suggest it might save lives. Now, we've got another five studies that suggest it does not. Now, let's work at calling Cancer Screens, there is no doubt that calling Cancer Screens saves lives yet less than half of adult men over the age of 50 have ever gotten colon cancer screening.

It just doesn't make sense. If we simply apply the things that we already know today the number of lives that could be saved. We know, for example, about 100,000 Americans die not just from cancer, but from all things every year because of lack of access to care prepare early due to lack of insurance, that's number one, and the area of cancer if we had started applying what we know today, just 20 years ago at least 200, 000 of that 500, 000 that died, two third dying this year would not have died.

What really motivates me, trying to get people to apply what we know today, the things that I know are not being applied. They involve not smoking, good diet, physical activity, trying to maintain as close to a normal body weight as possible, in the area of vaccine, hepatitis B vaccine and PV vaccine actually does prevent some cancers.

We actually believe that HPV vaccine should be given to boys because it prevents head, neck cancer in boys, and girls, and some genital cancers in both boys, and girls when they're adults in their 50's. There's some cautions that we need to take in terms of environmental pollution.

There's some cautions we need to take in terms of drugs, and of course sun avoidance which can actually prevent a lot of skin cancers, both the squamous cell cancers that are more of an annoyance, as well as some of the melanomas that can actually kill..