The Fight Against Obesity in Communities

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When we're looking at obesity, we see it coming, we see exactly what's going to happen, not just to America, but to the world as this becomes a huge problem. For all the things I went to medical school for, and I wonder, gosh, will we get this right? This is not because of a lack of data, this is not because we don't have solutions, will we get this right?

What I believe is that we can make some of these changes communities by communities. So if I lived in Denver, Colorado everyone walks, people actually eat healthily, and the community does that on its own. There's a social community that's making that happen. I actually lived in a town in New Jersey that had a law that said, you couldn't have fast food restaurants, communities making that happen.

New York City, my home, food calorie counts on everything, communities making that happen, that is how it will happen. I do not today believe that the scientific community will lead that type of social revolution if you will. It is not going to be I think some kind of national, OK, we just did blank. It's going to be within those communities, but it does keep me up, because I don't know if the way a Colorado, Miami Beach, different places have made that happen by making it visible, it's almost a fashion to look and eat healthy.

And until we make it that marketable, that it's fashion, and frankly maybe get some fashion and marketing executives involved, I'm not sure we alone, from a science health care perspective, know how to do this. I have to be honest, I don't know if we know how to do all of this.