What Is the Gamification of Healthcare?

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Gamifying is a process that individuals must do, for example, to get them actively engaged on how to understand. We are doing things like gamifying my healthcare cost estimator program so that individuals understand when they're going to go have a knee MRI done, that the cost of that knee MRI, they need to know the provider, the place and the price and the procedure, what's it before peace that they need to know.

Have we build some gaming around that so that people understand what it is that they need to know before they make a decision on where to go have that knee MRI for example, we've gamified the benefits of the Roman process for individuals that everyone goes through on an annual basis with their employer they pick a health plan.

We've built some gamafication on that so that people truly understand the benefit structures that they're selecting. We've done things in the gaming technology space, in partnership with [xx] for example, where we have dance stance evolution where kids can have an ID cards that tracks their activities when they are playing, competing against a friends by dancing on dance pads in a gymnasium.

It's having a really big impact on the BC rate in the areas that we've been testing that as well, and that we're even taking things like the Microsoft Xbox connect for example, the device that is $149, you can buy it at any retailer, and using that technology to really innovate around things like physical therapy, doing remote physical therapy at home, being able to track the body structure, things like gaining a little virtual training environment from [xx] perspective.So those are the three categories we are going some things in gaming and I think there's some promise there.

It's certainly made an impact on a lot of other industries.