What Future Technologies May Help Improve Healthcare?

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I think the most recent study that I read is that there's about seven connected devices per human being in the planet today. And I believe the study indicate that the by 2020 it's estimated to be 700 connected devices per human being on the planet. So certainly the types and number of devices is expanding exponentially.

But probably just as is important is how easy it is to connect those devices today. If you think some of the electronics that you've seen they have come up in choices keeps us to modelling work, the old days of configuring technology to connect things and send data back and forth.

Those days are behind us. So when I look at the future smart pills barrier area networks is already a regulation that have been proposed around the communication of data around the human body. The cost of imaging omix/g you know is dropping at such a rapid rate I cant even keep track of what the cost is right now.

Now that is the speed that you can renew a human genome, which used to take 90, 120 days can be done in 24 hours today. And those kind of future things that connected home, smart TVs, smart set up boxes, gaming councils for children that kids used to seat on the couch and play games with a controller.

Kids are now actively moving around actually doing fitness gaming and it's fun.