How Do We Control Healthcare Costs?

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There isn't any more money, the state governments don't have any more money, the federal governments don't have any more money. You mentioned accountability, we all have to have accountability. And each of every one of us and you've probably heard doctary tax insane, past deputizing individuals to be engaged in getting people to be engaged in their health.

So, me being accountable to get my wife, my friends, my colleagues to be engaged and know about their health, we all have accountability to do that overall. Health needs to be part of your life, it doesn't need to be, it shouldn't be an extension of your life. You shouldn't have to think about about health.

Should be better it's part of health in your lifestyle everyday. And I don't think we've done that to bit. And that's one of the ways we're going to have to penetrate our minds to get people engaged.