How Do Doctors Manage All the Patient Data Collected by Sensors and Electronic Medical Records?

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The data for the sake of data isn't good and we've mass amounts of amounts of data. I think that's one other thing that United Healthcare does really, really well, as we take data and we turn it to something that's actional for the end person that's using the data, so running rules, putting things like medical policy around that, that's kind of a secret source that help to ignite the data meaningful to the end user.

You're right a physician, physicians doesn't want to see every bag you cost your inmate you took throughout the day for the last 60 days when you come to see them but what they would like to see is a trend, and maybe a trend of how that looks on a weekly basis or throughout the day, so they can help gather or maybe even change a small or a fast release insulin for example they might change your medication based on what they're seeing for the last four months of data for example, so graphing of the data kind of making it into a picture that's useful.