How to Manage and Deliver Healthcare

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Health is a destination, care is something that happens along the way. How we transition the system and how we change the whole structure of the system is ultimately, is going to be how we succeed in this endeavor if you want to manage cost and damage, take care of the population.

Managing health means that we avoid the avoidable conditions, we make micro corrections along the way with information or data, with education, with encouragement, with whatever it is. Micro-correction along the way to improve if you want the relative health of an individual. I think there's a difference in stability as to how healthcare can be delivered and managed and how we engage the consumers.

So how healthcare can be delivered and managed, I think both the science of medicine and the science of information has advanced to a point where we can manage much more effectively healthcare than we ever did before. We can personalize healthcare, and that's one component of meeting the consumer where it's appropriate for them not just from a psychological perspective if you want, or even from a clinical perspective.

So I think we are in a position right now and we're getting closer and closer in personalizing treatments. Information technologies every where around us, is very important. And I do believe it's very important. If you think about big data, if you think about how we're starting to converge all this information, I would challenge most people whether the human mind will be able to process all this information that will come to bear when we're making a diagnosis, when we're deciding on the most effective treatment.

I think where the practice of medicine is going to be much more effective in the future isn't helping not so much in the diagnosis, but helping the patient make the right choice for what would be the most effective past for them to come to a relative state of health. What excites me the most is how we're able today to further and further personalize medicine to further and further understand you as an individual and what would be your best, the best treatment options for you.