What Is the Future for Health and Wellness Brands?

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The challenges, I think, are the same challenges actually that exist in marketing over all, it doesn't matter if it's wellness health, automobiles. The channels in the fundamental ways of communicating with consumers. There's been no business book written about it, there are no case studies it evolved.

So the challenge is that no one really knows what's ahead. The opportunities on specific to the health and well-being is that there is a need in a convergence of factors all at the same, it's own perfect storm. Aging population, reliance on digital tools to navigate their life, data that can help them inform things.

The only thing that's holding all of this back is in the health side, in pharmaceuticals, we live in a highly regulated world. On the well being side the opportunity is that there is an increasing awareness that health actually sits within ones own self, it's their responsibility.

I don't just get sick take the pill I'm good or go to see the doctor I'm good and people realize in going into our healthcare system, that it's taxed and that you really have to ask the right questions if you are going to get unacceptable outcome. So that's where technology today and platforms powered by these digital engine will help to create new avenues.

And I think the exciting thing for a company like ours selfishly speaking is if we are doing the right things we we can create this along the way and when we create them we will help our clients by helping their customers.