How Should Companies Market Health to Consumers?

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It doesn't matter if it's promised health, automobiles. The channels and the fundamental ways of communicating with consumers. There has been no business book written about it. There are no case studies involved and chances are no one really know's what's ahead. We're living in an age where also the consumption of media is so different compared to what it was even five years ago.

And people are increasingly steered by their devices and what it happens now is that the advertisers have an opportunity to be part of the conversation and actually engrain themselves on how their customer lives. The key to doing that successfully is to be very transparent and to go into it as a partner in effect.

For whatever it is and in healthcare, there are so many opportunities because you're really serving a need and what you're trying to do simply is you want to make sure that, the right kind of patient has the right kind of conversation with the doctor. And so I think that, the big change now is that there is going to be change from brand going [XX] like an old marketing model to a utility model.

The brand has a value around it. Its what the proposition but increasingly and especially in a results driven healthcare system and outcome driven healthcare system will be what is the utility the markers putting in through their communications that helps to ensure better outcomes.

Not every product it's not only in drugs, it's right for every patient and I think that if the marketers clear about that and it's also helping consumers on a broader disease stage phases, we're going to find this could more successful. Any communication strategy has to really start from who're you selling to, how can your product, your service be an asset to them, how do you bind with them, how do you create consistence, what will that be, how do you need to do that.

Today we're part Google, we're part SAP a big data company, we're part creative artists, we're part of a production company and all of those things get kind of mashed together. So, there are user experienced people and digital strategist who work alongside the writer and an art director who work alongside a data haunt and all of those people come together and it's really about, Okay, what are the levels that we need to pull to meet the consumer and that's really what the agency business is about.